"You are never going to be the first one to speak but you are always going to be the first one to speak with your voice"

-J Smooth (iLL Doctrine)


Return of the Maestro!

My favorite "Webisodes" are back, for some reason I am drawn in by "Maestro Knows" it's a very interesting show. If you don't know the show, it's basically about a skater/Videographer(Levi Maestro) living life, traveling to different boutiques and restaurants (Mostly In-N-Out Burger) with a constant narration or guest appearance, all brilliantly pieced together by superb soundtracks (the music's great!). Maestro knows has that natural, un-rehearsed feel, without sacrificing any artistic quality. Simply put its Cool! From the random guest, stylish boutiques, the food, and my favorite the music Maestro Knows is an all-around cool show and I recommend that you take some time and watch a few episodes, but if not here's the latest installment of "Maestro Knows".

Maestro Knows - Episode 1 (Bread & Butter) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Today Is a Good day....

Over the last........ can I say 2 months I have been expanding my horizons on this Hip-hop shit. To be honest, I gave up on "Hip-hop"(minus the old Faithfull's Wayne, Kanye, Lupe, Jay-Z etc...) a while back and saut out alternative sounds for my music fix, i.e. Jimmie Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Jasmine Sullivan, John Legend, Beatles, System of A Down, Beethoven (Moon Light Sonata go hard), Ella Fitz, even the fucking JUNO soundtrack lmao; and I could go on and on even more lol.

Anything to patch the hole "pop/dance-rap" carved in the music portion of my sole.

BUT today is a new day (Brace yourself), actual music is back in Hip-hop. These artist actually care about their music and not just a million dollar ringtone or maybe they just cold, I don't know and do not care because good music is good music. Wiz Khalifa, Wale, Drake, Big Sean, Fly Union, Clipse, Mf Doom, Dom Kennedy, Asher Roth, just to name a few(well the ones I can remember)...

I think if you don't know about these artist PLEASE give them a listen and TURN OFF B.E.T!!!

*If you dont know how to find their music copy and paste a link and type in any of their names (Now you have absolutly no reason at all to even turn on B.E.T).







Been on the grind this month, after a breif layoff due to the move Leaders1354 is back to form, dropn fitteds out the ass, kicks, new Tee's even a new womens line of Tee's(Hot). Leaders is doing its best to make sure the streets are filled with broke mfs lol, all I cansay is my wallets will be empty. Damn you Leaders!!


Obligated to support BET????

*Warning this is an opinion based are argument and profanity is in heavy use so if it offended you I'm sorry I guess but I really don't care get off my blog or leave a comment. I discourage the youth from reading lol.

Recently my friend and I were having a conversation on television programs and channels and the subject of BET came up. My friend had brought up the fact that since I was black I was obligated to support BET. I got very emotional at his comment, Fuck BET!

In my opinion BET is a very self righteous and inconsistent network. BET constantly boast about the development of African American culture and how black people are hurting themselves, BET constantly have programs shunning the very thing they promote.

Shows like Tiny & Tony, College Hill, Keyshia Cole, blah blah. BET exploits the very aspects of our culture they claim to be against; ignorance in the African American race. Niggas are going to be niggas no matter what but for you to have programs shunning the very culture you exploit in my opinion makes the network hypocritical. How can you tell your audience this and that but, in the next segment glorifying the actions you frown upon?

Along with the networks hypocritical messages they portray they are a very cheap penny pinching network, Aj & Free, Tiger what happened to Rapcity the basement? BET wasn't paying niggas and gave them the boot. Please do not let me get started on the BET awards, nothing but a big flashy mess. It goes without saying I don't watch BET anymore but I honestly don't even know what channel it is on my TV. BET basically tries to emulate MTV and the programs they televise and produce (at a lower price). This is the very reason why I do not respect, support, or even acknowledge BET as legitimate network. I'm not obligated to support a damn thing.


If you did'nt know....

Fly Union is simplely dope! Been a fan for a while, best group since Outkast in my opinion.

"Niggas Be Rapn..."

That new Wale! "Niggas rapn.."
Wale has a couple convo's with the listener, bringing a very personal feel to his music. A very comsistent quality, really doesn't take a break on any track. "Back to The Future" is one of those joints you listen all the way through.


Where will bitch slapping happen tonight?

Hilarious I know it's old but me and my guy was discussing basketball and we stumbled upon this on Youtube....

*Notice how Eddie House's headband spins around


This is for those whole simply love music.

Shyt! Got goose bumps at 1:52 just listen, true Music...



Ok! So......... is it just me or was the last season of the Fresh Prince weird...? I say this because Will and Lisa had got engaged and were in an intimate relationship and all that right? Ok that's cool, but their parent's hated each other and the marriage wouldn't work without their support. Ok your probably thinking like what is this nigga talking about, what's your point?? Let me finish. So Will and Lisa made a plan to make their parents cool so everyone's happy less stress during wedding and all that, but! There was a problem (at least to me) their plan worked (a little too well). Now you might be thinking, how is that a problem??? Unless you are an outside the box person (Like me) and you have already realized the weirdness, but for those who are still inside the box, let me answer.

Well when Will's mother and Lisa's dad became friends they got closer and closer and closer... and yeah lol. Their parents started fucking each other(you see??), even though Will and Lisa were engaged, their parents felt they should have a little intimate affair of their own. I think the parents eventually got married. By law Will and Lisa were step-brother and sister.

The show had cut off before you could find out if they got married or did it?? I don't really remember, doesn't really matter one can infer that they still got married. Minus the whole plot twist and arguments the show might have thrown in you can be sure that Will and Lisa lived happily ever after. But my question is what made the writers toss that one in their? I am just saying, why them is that right, to marry your step sibling? Kind of weird to me but that's me Just a thought lol.


Having Wardrobe Vs. Being "Fresh"

Well I have wondered about this for a while because most people think they are fresh simply because their outfit could pay someone's mortgage. So what is the difference between someone who has "Wardrobe" Vs. someone who is "Fresh"?

Well first we must establish what these terms mean, having (Expensive)Wardrobe in this sense is someone who has a lot of expensive clothes, Kid Robot, BBC, Lanvin, Ato, PRPS, etc... Then you have the term "Fresh", this is not easy to define because YOUR definition will more than likely be different from MY definition. I can't even start to formulate one so just bare with me ok? ok...

Now you might be thinking well if I have a lot of nice expensive clothes I must be "Fresh", right? I must disagree I feel that having the nicest most expensive clothes only makes being fresh that much easier. Having the tools is only part of the job how will you use the tools is another. Some may not look good in certain clothes or may not take advantage of their wardrobe as they should. While someone else who has a less expensive wardrobe may have items that fit them better. Also the way they put outfits together may look way better than the person who spent twice as much on their wardrobe and simply tossed on whatever had the same color.

To me it is all about the fit and how you wear your clothes just as much as it's about what you are wearing. I am definitely not saying someone shouldn't buy expensive clothes, but I am saying that it doesn't make one "Fresh" and people should not become wrapped up in only the brand and take into consideration how certain items fit you and what looks good; don't just buy it because it's cost a lot of money and people are going to recognize that. But that goes with saying that in my opinion it all depends on what you consider "Fresh"...

"No Need to Fear Hip-Hop is Hear"

Wale, Big Sean, and Drake, flow's like water and lyrics that you wont catch on to until the third listen. I don't know what else to say, "they cold as hell", the future, the only thing missing is a cape and some draws worn on top of the Raw Denim's lol...

*Asher Roth go hard to lol


"My Little Hater"

My little Hater Has on nice shoes(lol) and tells me that's not good enough, leading me to focusing on the smallest detail causing me to forget the big picture and the actual task im trying to complete, which leads me to the point were I barely complete my task or I just say fuck it. Usually my hater is associated with homework. Maybe this year I will be able to overcome "My Little Hater". :-)


New Favorite Brand

Dope! Check out



Well a while back in like October my uncle came up hear from Cali to see me the family. While we were talking he mentioned a dance all everybody was doing called Jerking. Then about a month later my friend Johnnie told me how her friend from Cali was in town teacher her how to do it. When she described it I thought she was crazy, "we Jerked on the roof", "On the back of a pick-up truck in the street" I'm like "What??? Yall ass need to sit down". But when I finally looked it up on the all mighty YouTube I was very interested. Unlike Crank this and that or Swag Surfing and all that, I actually enjoyed Jerking.

Why do I like this new dance craze, but I hate every other? It seems that the artist actually puts effort into the actual music and the beat and tempo just warrants that I immediately jump up and start "Jerking". I have yet to hear a Jerk song that doesn't at least make my head move lol. Unlike Soulja Boi and all the other dance rappers, most Cali jerk music has lyrical content that at least matches the quality of the track/chorus and actually deserves a listen other than the chorus being the only part of the song you remember or recognize. It's not Big Sean, Mf doom, or Kanye or anything; it's Fun, Nasty, Hyper, its Jerk music which achieves its goal of entertaining fans, very well might I add.



Off The Wall

I have been quickly falling in love Vans for some reason, the Sk8-hi and the Authentic/Era joints are a very simple affordable shoe that ties my fit together nicely. You can really wear them no matter what type of style you have, from preppy, to gothic, to hipster, to even more conservative and classic looks. Coming in every color imaginable Vans are always a reliable shoe to turn to with any fit.

Flavor of what?????

I hate Reality TV! I cannot stand the shows that some of these networks come up with. More specifically BET and VH1 are probably the worst, the crap that these two channels produce, are the reason why I rarely watch TV anymore well at least anything that comes after Channel 186(Comcast). Aside from sports I rarely venture past Encore, my Comcast people know what that means lol.

Ato Matsumoto

Why are these so dope???

What happened?

To me Jordan was the best and most innovative sneaker company to hit the market at its conception, but now I feel it is the ass of industry. A joke, it seems that Jordan is making a joke of its loyal customers by producing crap. They seem to simply toss out a pair of kicks that took ten seconds to make and charge an arm and a leg for them, and for what? A shoe everybody you see will own, have on or are on their way to purchase that are simply an old Jordan model tossed on top of an air-force one sole. I actually used to like Jordan's, and still am a fan of the Jordan I's, III's, V's, VI's, X's, Spizike, Dub-Zero's...yea you get the picture. In the past Jordan seemed to take pride in the products they produced but now seems Jordan is just spitting out anything because they know people will still purchase it. Well it goes without saying I will not be purchasing any Air Jordan's anytime soon. Not that this post means anything because I'm sure I will not be a missed costumer, but it felt good letting that out lol....

Music stuff...

One of my favorites, sort of like crack for the ears.

Bleeding Ears

For some reason music is a big part of my life it is personal even without personal ties, I am not a rapper nor do I want to have a luxurious music carrier, though it would be nice. I am simply a fan from Led Zeppelin to Notorious BIG to The Foreign Exchange "Real" music.

I hate the legs that don't smell to pleasant and cranking the first thing you see. I get personally offended for some reason when I hear everyone around me singing the same Chorus over and over. This is one reason I do not even flick past the channels 71-77, I hate pop, crank and whatever other watered down played out sounds the first n-word with a beat machine can come up with. Please I respect the hustle but I don't enjoy the sounds you create and I will continue to bash the horrible culture that's being created. :-)
<---just a visual example of "Good Music"...