"You are never going to be the first one to speak but you are always going to be the first one to speak with your voice"

-J Smooth (iLL Doctrine)


Platos bill board...

In my favorite class IMAGES, we were having a basic lesson on what an image actually is and what is real vs. what we perceive as reality. The idea that an image in the media is not always what it seems, and how today more than ever an image should be held in the same categories as word of mouth or a piece of writing is very interesting to me. Like if I cant believe a freaking picture, an actual visual representation of a past event or person, really makes me wonder what can I believe? Is today's media that thirsty for perfection? They ("The Man") are taking the one document that could substantiate events or appearance and sodomizing it with doctorizations (lol yes I made that up), which brings a bit of should I say, "fear" to mind(no online dating for me). Seems that the world is a big reality TV show, "Survivor" maybe, everyone looking for that edge, a way to come ahead of the pack by any means necessary; I don't know who to trust. But I can't definitively say that ALL pictures are edited in some way shape or form but I can say be weary of your perception of reality vs. manufactured expectations, molded by today's media. Basically don't believe the shit you see on that bill board, "She ain't that cute"...lol


Images (A brother got them Art skills to lol)

A little something I put together in my Images class.



Mr. Tastee

Mr. TasTees Visual Mix Tape — "A Crazy Trip In Chicago" from Anthony Esquivel on Vimeo.

Dope Right?
The actual Jewlrey is, IDK it's ok but not my stle you know to each is own. But the visuals and soudtracks for the vid are what actually draws me in and its kind of kool that thereis a guy riding around in an Ice Cream truck selling jewelry.


Hypebeast Warning!!!

Today is definitely a new day. There have been numerous sightings of Kanye and Lil Wayne wearing Timberland Boots (All wheat joints), and I feel that this is the ultimate "Hypebeast recognition test". If any of you streetwear niggas out here in Timbs please remove them because you were too good for Timbs in the winter. So please don't start wearing them in the summer because Kanye had them on (back-wards ass niggas lol), you're not Yaye. Also while I'm on the subject, K-Swiss No! I must admit that K-Swiss are not as ugly as I remember, "you know", the ever so mocked low-top everyday joints either black or white "Yea You know". People will start to see the same niggas who mocked the K-Swiss BRAND rocking them, because the OG's call them cool or a celeb might be seen rocking them. I think it is a shame how fast trends change, and how unoriginal people are. Get your own style! I mean if you honestly have certain affection's for an item then its ok but if you flowing with the trends you're a Hypebeast, but on here it's "Drooling Robot!"


MrChiCity3 MAYNE!!!!!! Lmao

For a seemingly goofy person MrChiCity3 is a very "real" no bs person like his video's not only bring laughter but the video "Gone But Not Forgotten. Mr Chi-City Kicks it with a Friend", damn near had me in tears my self and it is another entitled "Christmas Give-Away, Mr. Chi-City Style" that touched me on a whole nother level, giving an example of a good person in a world filled with so much ignorance and anger. I strongly encourage that you at least watch this video lol. I did not expect to watch all thirty but I did lol, I'm guessing eventualy you will too. ;-)

Winter Boot???

Dope! The Winterized Spizike Boot is nothing to drastic, a nice simple spizike with new colorways and the sole for those tough Chicago winter's. I think the Spizike Boot's are the only pair of "new" J's to released that actually caught my eye this year, I hope to be able to grab a pair for the winter. Not cheap but I think still worth it, a $185 retail price tag.