"You are never going to be the first one to speak but you are always going to be the first one to speak with your voice"

-J Smooth (iLL Doctrine)


Can I live?

I was considering devoting a Post analyzing and commenting on the long struggle it took in order to get this new Healthcare bill passed but I don't feel like lol :-). This is because honestly, I am tired of the subject and I could type a dissertation on the subject at this point from all the arguments and debates, stating facts and opinions concerning the subject. So I have decided to continue to let everyone learn more about this topic from that same source I have, the media(even though by definition I am apart of the media, but that's neither here nor there). You will receive enough from FOX News and (my favorite show on the other side of the spectrum) Bill Maher (HBO) I'm sure. The only thing I will say is that I LOVE the idea of people not having to pay multi-billion dollar insurance agencies, thousands of dollars just to stay alive :-) Health for Everybody lol.

I couldn't resist,

Up, up.. up, up.. Up, Up
Up, Up.. UP, UP UP UP!!
UP!! UP!! UP!!
UP I, UP I, UP I step, UP I walk
UP I climb, to the platform
on which I await the arrival of the, black liiiine
2000 the abstract nighttrain that should be arriving
in approximately eight complete lifetimes
Do you dig that, ON, track number one
or is it my one track mind?
With the same two hundred funky people packed together
on one car that seats sixty
Reminiscent of the Middle Passage only now we, gliiiide
over oceans of steel, and at the speed of light
from the window, in my eye, I can't see
Damn! Brother, excuse me brother
Would you mind not dripping your umbrella into my lap?
Now where was I? What, change to spare?
Man you better change your mind, change your plan
change your attitude, change your ideas to change your position
As I change my seat, and I change the channel on my WatchMan
Just in time, special guest, The Roots, on the
John Coltrane and chinese food is my date for the night
with that woman, with that girl, with that woman
with that lady, with that woman, with that child
child I'm honey, honey-child, and I gots ta
gotta, gots ta, gotta gots ta, gots ta gotta gotta get ready
Ready ready to go, read-read to go
Going, going, going, going, going, going, going, GONE
DAMN! ...
I missed my stop.. Writters Block, hah!

Courtesy of The Roots entitled "Writter's Block"

Something wonderful I felt I had to relay in a different way than simply posting a video, but I will be posting the video also lol. I love this shit to be honest I don't know what serves it more justice, reading or listening. On one hand the video provides a baseline and progressive tempo and dramatic affect that can't be drawn any other way, but on another hand the reading gives a visual aspect that I find unique and helps me understand the message at my own pace instead of forcing me to keep up with the tempo the rhymes are delivered. The only thing I can bring myself to an agreement on is that it's DOPE!!



On the many social networking sites I am currently logged on, it seems that this show "Bad Girls Club" has been the topic of choice for men and women alike. So I decided, Hey! why don't I check this show out, so I found out what channel it was on and tuned in, needles to say I was not entertained the least bit. I gave "Bad Girls Club" about 5 minutes to entertain me but I started to feel a sudden case a retardation falling upon me so I turned the channel before my drool hit my shirt. Now don't get me wrong I love senseless violence and half naked mid 20's women with swimsuit bodies showing them off every chance they get, but something about this show is how should I say, distasteful? Maybe I have reached my Reality TV limit FOREVER with it being one on every channel and all. But I am not a fan on TV to begin with honestly, if not for HBO, Sports and a select few shows (Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and Rescue Me) I would have very little need for a TV. I mean I watch "The Office" and "Lost" on the computer lol, but I digress; Bad Girls Club is a piece of shyt show in my opinion and they have turned my pleasures of violence and half naked women into something "dirty", how dare they? I just hate to see beautiful women act so ugly, especially towards each other, both physically and verbally, it's a turn-off in my eyes. Sorry "Bad Girls Club" gets the boot.

Chatroulette isn't so bad (nah it's still creepy though)

SO! Theres this thing, this new thing, this creative, creepy, startling sometimes rewarding thing called Chatroulette. Chatroulette is basically a anonymous chat website that randomly connects you to another person from anywhere in the world, and 9.9 times out of 10 you encounter some weird White male pleasuring himself in the confines of his home :-/ but the other .1 is usually a pleasant and sometimes en lighting conversation between people of different walks of life weather it be social status, economic, or geographic. I myself have been on the site a few times and have had the pleasure of chating with 8 enthusiastic individuals from all around the world and I must say for every CREEP well every 9 CREEP's there is a good person at the other end of the line. And here is an example of one of them.


Facebook, munchies and Fat people....

It is a shame that the only thing teens in my demographic can turn to as a form of entertainment on any given night is centered around, eating, having sex, consuming illegal substances and technological devices (CPU, Gaming System, Cell phone, etc.). In my eyes this should eliminate any wonders of why we teens act the way we act and why America is the most over weight country in the world. We have nothing to do, besides the $11 movie and wide range of restaurants one may dine, the life of a citizen under the age of 21 is relatively bland. It seems that our lives are centered around Facebook, MacDonald's, and the AMC, what are my other options. Other than the occasional concert or "Juke Jam" I have nothing to do in my leisure, besides Facebook, movies or food, I could smoke some weed or drink some Hennessey Black but that's wrong I shouldn't be doing that, but why not, the people I am suppose to look up to aren't providing me with any constructive/affordable activities to take part in. It's very disappointing to be honest; the system seems to be structured in a way that puts American youth at a disposition; we are trained to sit on our asses and spend money on menial forms of entertainment. My friend Sydney and I have sat for approximately 3 hours trying to figure out something to do on a Sunday night and with the help of Google and our collective intellects we came up with NOTHING, granted it was a Sunday night but none the less, every listing we came upon had something to do with a bar our lounge where drinks are served. It seems that liquor is the culprit behind a teenage scarcity of entertainment because with liquor comes profit. We as teenagers cannot generate that profit, at least legally, and in-order for there to be some sort of venue for teens to enjoy it must be profitable, because everyone knows nothing gets done unless there is incentive. But what could there possibly be that is both affordable and profitable and serve as entertain to people under the age of 21. Honestly I don't know but I will definitely be taking it into consideration.


The only problem that i never look to fix not a dull moment not even if i wish, it seems that i am not the one who who meets her criteria constantly bickering and petty spouts of anger we are not strangers to the silent treatment and latenight conversations never with a dry eye or pale face always an emotion doned expressed or verbalized in some way...usually without even trying the silence tells it all no need for words or tears jus that look oh man oh man what now what harm have i inflicted even when its not me its me even when its not concerning us its we, who reep the benefits of the issues that plague our "relationship" but is it that, seems like more of an agreement, between to willing young adults, love being the force trying to pushing our hands to sign the iron clad paper, and at times we wear that contract on our wrist iron clad garments that seem to be connected so why do we continue to wear these garmets that seem so heavy and continue to carry that burdon that weighs our hearts down idk but i dont mind and probrably will never know until our hearts align and that contract is signed


More El-P

One of my favorite ARTIST...

El-P - Smithereens from Definitive Jux on Vimeo.

If you're in the mood to listen to a true artist, someone with a superior grasp of the English language, the poetic ability to tell a story in rhyme, all tied together with a very unorthodox but successful delivery, then a trip to "Definitive Jux" Records is in order. This is because here you can find an artist by the name of El-P, and by artist I mean the epitome of artistry, from his musical to visual presentation. Now for a person to be able to compile these talents into one singular package is amazing on its own but when you also take into account the message he sends with every song, (shit ever bar) it makes his artistry even more appealing in my eyes, all I can say is pay attention and take the time to listen to his work. This is why I have the greatest respects for El-P, he forces me to think and needless to say, I am a big fan of his music and hope for more videos like this.


"If you can find money to kill people you can find money to help people..." -Tony Benn....nothing more to be said...


No Love for the Simple Man...

The word Love has no meaning in my dictionary...the feeling doesn't exist in my heart...happiness is absent from my soul...only tears and pain fill this simple man...only shame and regret feel my thoughts..."WHY?" is the question I ask and may never get answered...but what is there, what is apparent is the fact that she is not there anymore...:,-(

Can it be True?

The Chicago Bears have a long local history of being how I should say, DUMB AS HELL when it comes to management decisions overall. But this year the Bears are not true to form, and to say the least I am surprised. The organization is notoriously penny pinching and shifty when it comes to signing players to large contracts(even when they are more than deserving), so to think this organization would actually attempt to sign one big name free agent better yet THREE is astounding to me, I am speechless :-l. But the even more astounding news is that they have not only attempted to sign these players or what numerous sports analyst like to say "having talks with..." these players but the Bears have actually sparked an agreement to officially sign and seal Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor and Brandon Manumaleuna on the FIRST DAY of free agency :-) WOW. I can't wait for the season to begin :-).


My first check...:-)

So yea, while on my Blogger Hiatus I have been involved in and should I say speculated and planned for many new endeavors, and during this time I acquired a job. No not flipping burgers or dipping fries but something I have steadily developing a love for, photography. If you scroll down a few articles you will see what I'm talking about but if your trip ends here then I'll let you in on it, it's Gallery 37. Now it's not a true JOB but I get paid and I provide a service so in my eyes and the eye's of Mr. Webster it's a job, lol, and for those who think it's not you may be right. Because for many employed people going to work is a burden, something they wish they didn't have to do every day, the only reason they are hanging on is because of that check. Well not me; if you definition of having a job is doing something you dislike for 8 hours a day so you can get paid every 2 weeks then, Yes I am definitely un-employed at the moment. But, I digress my real reason for occupying your time is to let you know that I get paid tomorrow(My first official paycheck :-)), and I have some items I must acquire lol. I probably won't even make it home with the money, honestly lol it is truly a shame how much money has left my hand the past let's say 5 years? Yea 5 lol when I bought my first video game haha... Expect a few photos of shoes and music I purchase this weekend and next. But that is all lol I thank you for your time.



Yet another Hiatus...

Yea yet another hiatus, a number of events have taken place in this period I've been away from my Blog but I'm feeling a tad bit emotional at the moment lol, so writing is definitely the most constructive avenue to travel at the moment. With all the different emotions and thoughts traveling through my mind, some positive some of course being negative I've recently figured out what I want to do with my life at least I believe I have and I also have figured out the people I want to travel along with, on this hopefully, relatively "un-rocky road". Needles to say that list is small, but taking in to considerations the drastic highs and Lows of today's youth if I must generalize, I say I have been pretty steady in both morals and overall being me and being "real"? but anyway I hope this steadiness allows me to be prosperous from here on out, I see great things in my future but in order for me to achieve such social and economical statuses that I strive for I must grow both in maturity and work ethic, because I am lazy and I acknowledge this with the greatest respects, but as I age I notice a change in work ethic as far as my academics are concerned. But in all reality I feel that my character and beautiful smile will get me threw my hard times. ;-) hahahah... "I joke I joke I kid I kid"...

Sorry I had to end so abruptly but I'm sleepy....

Oh yea, thanks for reading, later...:-P

Mobile Blogger Man Cool...

I pull she pulls back i push she push back the constant struggle seems to constantly lap our hearts in this race, its maturity we lack, DAMN I thought i was grown I thought i was a man someone to lean on someone who had love figured out and the world in the palm of his hand, but i guess not it seems I'm missing something because with all the joy and happiness comes pain and sorrow with a dagger in its cold palm but no not long deep wound it inflicts but quick precise insertions into my main arteries then no longer i can breath because it seems the more we grow the less we blossom i try and try to patch those wounds but the simple fact is that they seem fatal, but i will continue to stitch and add pressure until that green line straightens up and dances no more because even though we have times of pain and sorrow and many tears, our happiness has prevailed the last 3 years because of our stubborn minds and strong character even when our hearts reach the darkness of night there is always a morning and she is my light.... You think she would like this shyt? It could be better but what ever...


Gallery 37

Gallery 37 is Cool I love my job haha...

Photos coming soon...