"You are never going to be the first one to speak but you are always going to be the first one to speak with your voice"

-J Smooth (iLL Doctrine)


Breakfast In & Out

So cold with it potency of the beat is consistant with the fact that most did it prolific not shakin or stirred in da presence of those niggas herbs they only after ya bread them fuckin birds you think they like your haircut fair enough live your life patna guess I can keep these two cents in my pocket and back to these underground rap dollas refused the majors and stayed real I kept my promise rolled bamboos in the bahamas mama it's either that or them strawberry colidas xbox web browser download or updated nba roster play? two game season condo full of snacks spitta not leavin off brand muthafuckas odd numba you are not even on my level write that sickness my ink pen sneezin yancy thigpin can't catch me sleepin you ear hustlin muthafucka and I'm eatin creepin with my side bitch hope I don't ge caught cheatin new Orleans dis morning new york in this evening squintin they eyes and shit they can't see him fly in the house buzzin them bugs can't be him elegible letters in my leger they can't read him smilin money pilein I'm cheesin odometer broken I ain't know that I was speedin fast livin slow gin for dese bitches I got that game from my Pittsburgh niggas....

Say What you want about my nigga Spitta but he get's off man like this is very legit man. Wow, I have been listing to this song for about a year now, and just now, I really realized how much Curren$y got off haha WOW this is so DOPE. I love his unorthodox delivery and how this whole peace ties together joe.


Haha I like editing...
Tossed a poorly lit image in photo shop played around and got this. I knew what I was going for but I didn't know how to do it but I figured it out eventually.


Since for some reason every time I actually try to embed the video, it tells me disabled I'll do the next best thing and give you the song. Still a very powerfull song nonetheless , enjoy.


Shadowy figures
Enjoying loud thumps of Saturday night specials
The pain expressed
Through their devilish eyes
And hungry bellies
Stems from sex addiction
Burnt finger tips
And shiny rims
Nothing comes from this phantom of a man
No joy no progress
Nothing but shells and clips
Flaming hot potatoe chips
With cheese to fuel the rage
Chicken and hugs keep the barrel greased
But all one can do is fall to their knees
Plead for another sip
Of the 5th of life they never got the chance to live
But hopefully the kids left behind might get
A link to the resources of the top 2%
Where are our books and CPU’s
No more rides with CPD’s
My life is destined for rows of steel
And two meals
But maybe I can save a young soul from this destiny


More Playing Around with some Digital

Scraps haha

My First Shoot haha

This was my first shoot for an Art Project at my school it went ok. I was supposed to be a Paparazzi, did good? nah?

More playing around with some digital shooting, but the next day...

Playing Around with digital Cam

shot these on my way home one day haha I kinda like digital...but Film is still the shyzz....


I will be "that guy", everyone knows him(or her haha) and for those who don't you've heard of him(or her haha) or seen them. Everyone knows "that guy(or gal)" who wakes up at 12AM, just so they can wait in a line until 5AM, for the opportunity to purchase "it". "It", lately there have been a lot of "It's" for Americans, from Yeezy's to iPad's, "it" occurs a lot in a nation where peoples budget's should be anything but liquid, but thats another conversation for another day haha, I guess that's what makes America great, we always find a way to get what we want and what we need we get from someone else haha. But back to my "it", My "it" is the ever so anticipated Madvillainy 2. I will not explain what it is because I don't have the time to express my true feelings. So to give you a small taste of what I am referring to I posted a video. Now usually I am the guy throwing darts at "that guy", but what can I say everyone has a price, and Madvillainy 2 is mine. YES I will be "THAT GUY" once this Album comes to town my friends, hopefully you are not "that guy" along side me, so the lines are shorter haha. ENJOY!!!!



I'm just an 17yr old guy from Chicago that blogs, nothing special at all, I am NOT a writer of any sort just a guy with an opinion. I hate when a blogger considers them self a writer. I mean if you were a writer you would be published or at least acknowledged outside the realms of the Internet as a person who writes not blogs. But anyway I'm siting in my front room right now contemplating my future, with fear of course, I fear what my future holds for me honestly. I never really achieved much academically and I retired from sports, so what are my options? Army? Hell no I enjoy being able to sleep when I feel the sudden urge, and I do enjoy keeping a pretty sloppy bed so that's not the answer. College? Well yea but potentially a 2.00 GPA and 24 ACT I don't see many scholarships falling my way because my parents are not very affluent, and the idea of community college just makes me cringe. So what can I do? I don't know maybe I will have an answer after my power nap. Oh yea I typed this from my phone, so I apologize for the grammatical errors haha...later!


The Cell put in work haha...

Took these with my Samsung Impression...now of course there was a bit of editing but yea lol camera still kicked ass haha...