"You are never going to be the first one to speak but you are always going to be the first one to speak with your voice"

-J Smooth (iLL Doctrine)



I'm Mike, happy you have nothing else better to do then to read about a random person's life. I was kind of bored so I thought "Blog", why don't I join the club, I'm cool, I'm hip, I'm young (well I'm young). Why not create a Blog people would read and gain absolutely nothing from, other than an opinion on what a waste of time reading this Blog was. Well at least my friends might have a nice conversation peace and something to laugh at. But really I am just some person who saw some else's Blog and thought it would be cool to make one of my own (I'm a follower); a lot has been on my mind about numerous subjects and ummmmmm....... yea just read it.