"You are never going to be the first one to speak but you are always going to be the first one to speak with your voice"

-J Smooth (iLL Doctrine)


The Beast

DAMN the cpu is down its seems that the Mcafee and Norton subscriptions have expired and so my irresponsible web surfing has come to a halt, momentarily. It seems like the Internet is a very dangerous place. This is the first time since we bought the CPU two years ago that it has been corrupted totally and I have explored almost every region of the Internet both legal and illegal lol and this is the first time the beast has ever been brought down. The $50, I plan on investing into its renewal is well worth it, in order to maintain its current memory content; because the amount of music, movies, and pictures I have amassed over the last year alone is easily worth the investment. So lets hope and pray that it is not to late for us to save the beast because if so this will be the second time I have lost a mass music collection and I will go into a deep depression if it happens again. More so this time I have alot more at stake when taking into account the pictures and movies I have yet to back-up, plus the programs installed that I may not be able to back-up. Lets just say I am FUCKED if I cant restore the Beast and bring it back to full health. But for short term goals I plan on backing every bit of media I possibly can on a portable drive hopefully I am able to access it on Monday. Oh yea I typed this on my phone haha sorry for spelling. Peace.



More Photos :-)

Some old and some new...I shot the one of my school with a pin-hole camera I made from a can at beginning of the year, and the other shot of Violin player while waiting for the Red-line train at Lake and State St. and that one with all the different photos is a contact sheet of photos that probably wont ever get developed. :-((

YES ya man has gotten the scanner up and shaken...I will be uploadn SOME of my picks on a reg now :-)


The Fantastic Mr. Fox

PLEASE purchase this film, I don't make many recommendations on different forms of entertainment like movies and music, but this was an outstanding film, more like a piece of art. The film was witty, silly and very amusing all at once, with an all-star cast I feel that each character held their own no matter how large or small the role. The film was very well executed overall, the scintillating plot, the visual choice of using actual figures for the characters, to the clever dialog. I could continue to list what I loved about this film but this post is already boring enough haha; go find it download it, On-Demand, DVD store haha I don't care lol just watch it.


Its VERY ironic that our country is named the United States but as a whole we're the most segregated culture in the world. If the cause is'nt Race it's Religion, if not Religion it's political views; to some, politics counts as a religion. I mean, I am not the koombaya type but can we come together in times other than a crisis. Historically the downfall of civilization stems from separation of powers and greed, and the US has almost run its course. The fall of the our countries reign of power is on its way and at the pace we are on it's coming sooner than later. All great Empires fall, honestly America isnt half what Rome was to the world; a much more well structred political system and overall more badass army haha, still the greatest Empire ever in my opinion USA is half of what Rome once was.
"Man is a social animal. He cannot exist without a society." -James Baldwin


Wondering where the next rat starts while blood leaks from where there was track marks in the middle of this endless race at a sprinters pace all the while long sleeve shirts cover embarrassments he's tryna save face... DAMN im deep lol

My First Series :-) Good start?

So, I have been thirsting to get into Photography for the longest, and in my opinion I'm going about it in the right way I started from the most basic form of photography a Pin-hole camera made from a can to my new babies one "Canon AE-1" (35mm) and another "Canon EOS-1N" (75mm lens). I'm gradually moving up in what I consider the "Photographical Pyramid". For some reason I don't want to move any higher in the pyramid technology wise because I really enjoy black and white film, it provides a certain contrast and feel I don't believe you can achieve through digital photography. But as a photographer I hope I blossom into something great even though I don't even consider making this a profession but even if my photographic skills sees to grow and develop (pun intended), it won't stop a playa from snapping photos I will continue to have fun shooting ugly or not haha. More shots coming soon :-)