"You are never going to be the first one to speak but you are always going to be the first one to speak with your voice"

-J Smooth (iLL Doctrine)


Cereal Fein

I asked my friend to snatch me some Reese Puffs Cereal because they are so DELICIOUS...hopefully she comes through for a player. Even though I enjoy the delicious swirls of a Cinnamon Toast Crunch the most, Reese Puff always seem to pleasure my taste buds Haha. Now on a day like this with the sun shining and all after the little storm, I should be outside not blogging about cereal, but I hate the after effects of rain its very muggy and damp which screams "get yo ass in shower" on account of the humidity in the air, idk why I guess I'm just weird like that. In fact I cant function without a shower, before I sleep or leave out to do ANYTHING, I MUST shower. I just don't like mixing my days, in the since that once one segment of my life is complete I must wash it off before I can start anew. There's nothing deep about it, no hidden meaning or lesson I'm trying to teach, I just hate grim but do with it as you will haha. But I digress back to the cereal, it would be nice to have a box to accompany my ice cold milk, speaking of milk is it me or do you too have to have your milk Ice FREAKING cold in order to eat a bowl of cereal. Maybe it's another one of my weird pet-peeves but my milk must be to the point were it has small ice chips in it, before i pour it over my cereal. In my eyes there is nothing worse breakfast wise then a bowl of soggy cereal and warm milk so to prevent this I usually stick the milk in freezer for about 20 minutes. But again maybe its just me haha. Enough of my rambling, I'm gone. I think I will let my friend read this post haha in the hopes that it seriously persuades her to get me a box of cereal (crosses fingers).


"I swear this is the boondocks, yo Im like Huey mixed with Riley cuz on Thursday Im tryna save the world and Friday I hit the club, hopen that my dick get rubd by some fat ass, until cats start scrapn and yu hear the gats blastn" -JCole


“It’s O.K. to head out for wonderful, but on your way to wonderful you’re going to have to pass through all right. And when you get to all right, take a good look around and get used to it because that may be as far as you’re going to go.”
— Bill Withers